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Criminal Tax Defense

Want your criminal investigation
dropped? How about a sentence of probation with no prison time? Mac MacPherson is the only attorney in the world who is a Bar-certified specialist in both criminal and tax law. He has tried over 55 criminal tax cases in federal court in 25 states. Nathan and Scott have worked all stages of criminal cases including: criminal investigations dropped, criminal trials, and criminal appeals.

Civil Tax Defense

Looking for an out-of-the box solution to what looks like a hopeless situation? Want a bodyguard to keep IRS away?
We have over 60 years of combined experience with federal, state, and local tax controversy work, defending against both assessment and collection of income, employment, and excise taxes. We go on the offensive for our clients, attacking both assessment and collection, exploring every possible solution.

Holistic Tax Solutions

What if your IRS issues could save you money rather than cost you money? Through our holistic approach to tax resolution and business strategies, we discover the underlying issues and view them as opportunities to help you to truly "BEAT IRS" in the long run, keeping more of your hard-earned money without running afoul of the law as interpreted by the courts. In short, we turn your worst nightmare into your best dreams.

Brothers Nathan and Scott MacPherson Explore Three Practice Areas
Second-Generation Tax and Constitutional Defense Attorneys

Watch Mac's sons Nathan and Scott MacPherson provide an overview of the firm's three main practice areas: Criminal Tax Defense, Civil Tax Defense, and Holistic Tax Solutions.

For more detailed information on each practice area, click on the links above. More videos by the MacPhersons.


What if your tax nightmare could be turned into an even bigger opportunity? What if legal fees were an investment on return? Through our holistic approach you can stay clean, resolve your IRS issues, and actually increase your long-term wealth.

Board-Certified Specialist in Tax Law and Criminal Law

More than just two Generations of Tax Attorneys, The MacPherson Group, LLC

When you engage our firm, you obtain a legal and financial dream team that also includes our Staff and Advisors. Together, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you safely through your legal issues.

Nathaniel MacPherson is admitted to practice law on two continents and his clients have ranged from foreign finance ministries and major global banks, to a publicly traded company and a bank director, to a Lieutenant Governor, state senators, and state representatives, to German nobility, a Hollywood star, and a five-star restaurant, to pastors, churches, and individuals with civil and criminal tax issues.

More about Nathan ...

Mac MacPherson – “The Courtroom Commando”, has been practicing law for over 35 years and is the only attorney in the world board certified by a state bar as a specialist in both tax law and criminal law. Mac has tried over 55 criminal tax cases in 25 states and was on the Criminal Justice Act panel for criminal appeals to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for nearly three decades, where he was counsel on over 150 cases. 

More about Mac ...

Scott MacPherson is admitted to practice law in California, Arizona, and Washington DC. He was the editor of three books on federal income tax law and contributes articles every year to a nationally-circulated monthly tax newsletter. He has negotiated offers in compromise, installment agreements, and removal wage levies for clients all across the country.

More about Scott ...

Christian book publisher settles for 2% after criminal case dropped.

Naturopathic doctor settles for 4%, saves practice.

Car salesman settles for 1/10 of 1%!

"Thank you all for getting this done for me!"

"Wow you are super awesome thank you!"


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