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Case Studies

Below are several Case Studies that occurred in court or in life, that help provide insight into the approach and effectiveness of the services the MacPherson Group can provide when retained to defend your tax controversy problems.

Case of the Missing Paratrooper

Life Lessons

“Keep to the high ground,” goes the adage; and in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, typically we did just that. After all, the ridge line provides for the easiest footing, navigation, and fields of fire. And especially ...

Case of the Missing Millions

Federal Court

Federal criminal law generally provides for a five-year statute of limitations (SOL), meaning the government has five years from the commission of the crime to obtain a grand jury indictment and file it with the court. Once exception is the laundry list of tax crimes, for which Congress, in its divine wisdom or otherwise, provided IRS six years.

Case of the Missing Pilot

Life Lessons

Back in those days, the early eighties, you could get a private pilot license with about sixty hours of flight time, for $2,000, and I had done so, but was now in the danger zone of the first 300 hours –

Case of the Missing Truffles

US Supreme Court

What litigator, civil or criminal, does not want to have his case heard before the U.S. Supreme Court? And argue it himself. Thus it was with great hope and expectation that the highest court ...

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