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Mac MacPherson

“The Courtroom Commando” – has been practicing law for over 40 years and is the only attorney in the world board certified by a state bar as a specialist in both tax law and criminal law. He has tried over 55 criminal tax cases in 25 states. Trial of a criminal tax case requires knowledge of and experience with criminal law, trials and appeals, and tax law.

As evidenced by the firm’s practice areas, Mac has extensive experience in the areas of civil and criminal tax controversies of all types, ranging from audits and criminal investigations, many of which were dropped, to appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Because of his extensive litigation experience, together with his strong military background and West Point, Airborne, Ranger, Infantry, Jumpmaster, Special Forces “take no prisoners” attitude, it should not be surprising that, despite the small size of his firm, he was called upon to represent two governors, three state senators, CIA operatives, and a major U.S. airline.

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In fact, the Arizona Supreme Court unanimously agreed that his client, constitutionalist and former governor Evan Mecham, could run again for governor, despite his impeachment conviction. Ingram v. Shumway, 794 P.2d 147 (Ariz. 1990).

And the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit was not shy to emphatically state that MacPherson’s client, Jean C. Hylton, had exercised her First Amendment right to petition her government for redress of grievances “in its most pristine form,” where Mrs. Hylton had filed criminal complaints in county court against IRS special agents who had trespassed upon her Texas property.


Thus, acquittal was ordered for charges of intentional interference with IRS agents. U.S. v. Hylton, 558 F.Supp. 872 (S.D. Tex. 1982), aff’d, 710 F.2d 1106 (5th Cir. 1983). Simply put, with extensive experience, Mac brings to bear well-honed skills.

In the military tradition, we call this “full metal jacket.”

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Mac MacPherson is a founding member of the Tax Freedom Institute and has regularly spoken at its annual Taxpayers’ Defense Conference.

Mac and TFI Founder and Director Dan Pilla have worked together on complex civil and criminal tax cases for nearly four decades.


Mac MacPherson was a regular columnist for the American Free Press (formerly the Spotlight) over three decades. The firm still advertises in the American Free Press print and online editions.

Mac and Nathan are regularly featured – both as guests and as guest hosts – on the Liberty Works Radio Network, The Micro Effect Ratio Broadcast Network, The American Freedom Network, and other liberty-oriented radio stations across the nation.

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