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MacPherson In The News

The MacPhersons are periodically cited and appear in various news publications for their position on Tax Controversy cases and their no-nonsense approach to defending who find themselves in difficult civil and criminal tax cases. 

I’ve been preparing them all of their lives for this, I never allowed my career, about which I’m obviously passionate, to come between my family and me. The best way to do that was to involve all three sons and my wife in my practice.

The MacPherson Group: Changing of the Guard

Common Core violates U.S. and state constitutions and usurps parental rights, attorneys Nathan MacPherson and Brent Winters told a crowd of about 20 residents, including several homeschool parents. No school district officials or public school teachers were present at the presentation titled, “Teach Freedom, Not Bondage: Exposing Common Core.”

Haines, Alaska: Chilkat Valley News

PHOENIX – Donald MacPherson peers out from the cover of one of his self-published books, a ruggedly handsome 25-year-old platoon leader in military uniform and a crew cut.

Attorney Makes IRS New Enemy

You wouldn’t expect a former Vietnam Green Beret officer turned lawyer to urge you to stand up to the Internal Revenue Service, but one Phoenix, Arizona attorney is.

In Defiance Of The IRS

Former Gov.Evan Mecham’s latest lead lawyer is “Maj. Mac, the Courtroom Commando.” That’s what Donald “Mac” MacPherson calls himself in the overheated prose of his new, self-published book on tax-protest cases, Tax Fraud and Evasion: The War Stories.

Courtroom Gladiator

Nathan MacPherson, LW’06, is proof that a degree from Drake University Law School can take you anywhere.

From Germany to Alaska: Alumnus uses Drake Law degree across the globe

New data collection and analysis technologies are giving the Internal Revenue Service a powerful new weapon to ensure that people and businesses pay all of the taxes they owe. The IRS has long relied on relatively crude analytical tools to match the Social Security numbers and addresses on files tax returns against information printed on W2, 1099, and other income-reporting documents supplied by employers, financial institutions, and other parties.

Newsmax Article: The IRS Wields New Weapon Against Taxpayers

When Donald W. MacPherson dresses for success, he wears army fatigues. MacPherson appears in full combat gear on the cover of this 1989 book, in his black-and-white glossy publicity photo, and maybe even in the Phoenix office where he practices law.

Tax Battle Can Be Won

Las Vegas Sun July 23, 1989, “Attorney Don MacPherson wages a ‘guerrilla war’ in the courtroom.”

Renegade Attorney

An airline pilot told Donald MacPherson about it a couple of years ago. MacPherson, a Phoenix attorney specializing in tax law, checked it out and found it was true:

Obscure Law Allows Discharge of Taxes Through Bankruptcy

Dear Mr. MacPherson, Thank you for stopping by my office and

Letter from Alaska Govenor Bill Walker

Drake law professors Matt and Laurie Dore’s recently returned from a three-week research trip to the European Union to work on a project that combines their areas of expertise — corporate law and choice of law

The Dore’s Collaborate on Research in Europe

Arizona has over 17,500 practicing attorneys, of whom only 1% are certified specialists in either tax law or criminal law. Mac MacPherson is the only attorney in the country who is a certified specialist in both tax law & criminal law.

IRS Fighting Lawyer

Donald – “Mac” MacPherson was on point, where he likes it. He entered the room at the Executive Park Hotel on Thursday afternoon while TV cameras were still setting up, getting there before other attorneys and his client, Evan Mecham.

Point Man Likes Living On The Edge