The MacPhersons are regularly featured in periodicals and publish articles on taxation and the Constitution.

Below are several of their recent publications. 

Marxism Unmasked

Scott provides his explanation of how the mask and separation orders are utterly contrary to a
Christian worldview and in fact promote a worldview antithetical to the Christian, Common Law
heritage of this country.

Vietnam: A Platoon Leader's War

Vietnam was called A Platoon Leader’s War, for the young lieutenants and their troops were often isolated by mountains and triple canopy forests. The young leaders were required to have independence of thought and action.

Native Born Not Enough: What The Constitution Requires To Be President

Our Constitution of the United States requires that the President of United States be a “natural-born Citizen”: a citizen not by oath or exception but by nature.

Homeownership And Public Policy: What Helps, And What Hinders, The American Dream

America’s founding fathers inherited from English common law the doctrine that “a man’s house is his castle.” Property ownership and political autonomy are two sides of the same coin.

IRS Keeps $20M Of Foreign Trust Corpus – Settlor Was In “Control,” Federal Judge Rules

In June of this year, after traveling from London to Los Angeles, the trustee of a Turks & Caicos Islands grantor trust (“Trust”) gave testimony in federal court[1], claiming that the U.S. taxpayer, Joe, a young and very successful entrepreneur, ...

Waddaya Wanna Do, Make a Federal Case out of it? Defending Federal Tax Prosecutions

Summaries of several Federal Tax defense cases as by Mac MacPherson, outlining what must be proven.

Duty, Honor, Country: The Important Distinction Between Duties and Rights

As the son of a West Point graduate, I am well aware of the motto adopted in 1898, of the United States Military Academy: Duty, Honor, Country.

Common Core Consortium Violates The Constitution

Today a Missouri State Court issued a judgment declaring that the “existence and operation” of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) violates the Constitution.

U.S. Appeals Court Orders Settlor Of Foreign A.P.T. Imprisoned “Indefinitely” But Not “Forever”

U.S. Appeals Court Orders Settlor of Foreign A.P.T. Imprisoned “Indefinitely” but not “Forever”

Good Tax Advice May Avoid Civil And Criminal Liability; Bad Advice Can Leave You Broke, And Land You In Jail

It is often said that advice is only worth what you pay for it. However, paying a substantial sum to the wrong advisor can be worse than no advice at all.

Pennies on the Dollar: Tax Collection Controversies and the IRS Fresh Start Program

“The IRS just gave me notice of levy regarding my bank account, and there is no way in the world that I can pay the $750,000 they say I owe!” your client exclaims. “Settle down,” you respond. “Thanks to the IRS Fresh Start Program there are reasonable remedies – what IRS calls ‘reasonable collection alternatives’ – including the Offer in Compromise (OIC), Installment Agreement (IA), either ‘full pay’ or a ‘partial pay,’ and Currently Not Collectible (NC).”

Three Principles Of Taxation Consistent With Liberty

By what standard shall we judge proposed tax reform plans? Let us assume for argument’s sake that it “be found necessary to curse this land with these hateful excisemen,”…

The Key To Investing In Uncertain Times: Invest In The Shinning City On A Hill

Today’s investors are focusing, now more than ever, on secure investments. Guarding the financial security of our families is at the forefront of our minds.

From A Syntactical Fog Into An Impassable Swamp – Fed Up Mortgage Foreclosure Judges Find “No Life On MERS”

“From a syntactical fog into an impassible swamp” – those are the words of Bankruptcy Judge Brandt in the 2009 case of In re Jacobson, holding that the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) lacked standing to foreclose due to its lack of interest in the subject mortgage loan.



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